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This book was just as good as the first love that the author holds nothing back when it comes to how he writes!! — Wilbur Wallace, Amazon


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Creepy and Hatboy



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Nysta #4: Blade of the Vampire King


Nysta #3: When Goblins Rage

Sometimes hate comes in small packages

In the months following the murder of her husband and the brutal trail of vengeance she left behind, the elf called Nysta has struggled with her desire to leave the Deadlands and head north beyond the Wall.

Now the Grey Jackets, Rule’s most fanatic of soldiers, have followed her from the ruins of Grimwood Creek. They want only one thing. Her death.

Finding relative safety in an ancient fort in the shadow of the vampire-haunted mountains called the Bloods, the elf finds herself in the company of a mercenary thirsting to test his skills against her own. And, as if that wasn’t enough to contend with, hot on her heels is an army of goblins. Goblins who want nothing more than to send her screaming into the arms of their god for an eternity of suffering.

Looks like everyone wants the Shadowed Halls to open above her head. But what they never counted on was that when death’s gates open near her, then Nysta wouldn’t be entering them alone. She’ll be taking everyone with her.

Provided, of course, she could rid herself of the awful fog which seems to be trying to drown her mind…

Australian writer, Lucas Thorn, is the author of the Nysta series which begins with the action-packed Revenge of the Elf and continues with Duel at Grimwood Creek.
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“I loved this book. It reminds me of a modern take on the Robert Howard Conan books I read as a kid, only way funnier. ” – G. Orton, Amazon.Com on Revenge of the Elf



“Probably the most violent fantasy novel ever written this century … Full of bad puns and pop-culture references, the Nysta series is guaranteed to be more violent than your average fantasy novel … If Quentin Tarantino walked into a bar and found himself being molested by Sergio Leone while trying to convince a few D&D nerds to help him write a remake of Deathstalker, he’d probably find himself stuck with a script which looked a whole lot like these books. I’m not sure if that’s a bad thing or not.” – LateralBooks.com