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I like the interaction between Nysta and Chukshene and her inner struggle promises to take us through an intense experience. — Dragoness, Amazon.Com


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Creepy and Hatboy



Nysta #4: Blade of the Vampire King

nysta 4The darkest shadows are within…

Urak’s Keep.
Once home to an unspeakable evil vanquished by Grim and Rule, it is now haunted by the tragic soul of Gul’Se, immortal wife to the Last of the Vampire Kings.
It is here the Grey Jackets have come, led by Hyrax and a mysterious elf named Willem. Chukshene is also there, drawn by the promise of forgotten knowledge and now driven by the need to recover his stolen grimoire before Hyrax can take it back to Rule. Then there’s the necromancer and the axewoman, desperate to flee the land of their birth.
The elf will face evil of all kinds on her path to Urak’s Keep. And she will burn with rage. For the darkness which consumes her soul with hatred is waking.
And it demands death.
And more death.

Australian writer, Lucas Thorn, is the author of the Nysta series which begins with the action-packed Revenge of the Elf and continues with Duel at Grimwood Creek.
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“I loved this book. It reminds me of a modern take on the Robert Howard Conan books I read as a kid, only way funnier. ” – G. Orton, Amazon.Com on Revenge of the Elf

Hemlock and Melganaderna #1: Rise of the Necromancer


“I’ll be honest. I originally bought this book because the cover was cool, I am an avid fantasy reader, and because it was cheap. I got one chapter in before buying the second and third. Just on the off chance that the world was ending, the power would go out, and I’d never have the chance to download them again. I now check Amazon for the fourth installment more often then I check facebook or on my one year old son’s welfare ( just kidding on the latter; they are about even).” – Mason Partman (Amazon.com)