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With all the hundreds of books on elves, wizards etc, I have read, I have never, ever, before read such foul language… — Dianne Williams, Amazon.Com


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Creepy and Hatboy




I’m loving this series, with good characters and great storyline. And little jokes here and there for the readers amusement. Definitely well worth the price. Eager for the next one.

And that’s what I woke up to today. A lovely bit of ego-boost I was in deep need of. It’s amazing how fragile an artist’s ego can be and equally amazing how just a little random few sentences from a complete stranger can perk you up.

So, now that I’m perked, how are things going?

They’re going well. I’ve sighted and approved a cover (which needs a few more tweaks… Continue reading

As you might know, I’ve been busy building maps as well as Book #4. And I’m happy to start showing off previews of the new maps I’m preparing for the release of Nysta #4: Blade of the Vampire King.


At this stage, I’ve designed the relative shape of the central continent as well as a few surrounding areas which will be of importance in coming books. At this stage, I’m fairly happy with the fonts and the colouring. I now need to do the geological features and then the main cities. After that, the smaller towns and coastal settlements.… Continue reading

I arranged some holidays so I could write Nysta #4: Blade of the Vampire King. Two weeks later, and I feel I haven’t progressed as far as I would have liked. I’m currently sitting on my ninth rewrite. Why so many rewrites?

Because I’m picky?


I tend to rewrite every time I feel the book isn’t proceeding how I would like. Or, once I’ve finished, I rewrite to add scenes which needed to be added to make the final scenes a little more logical. Failing that, it’s a great way to catch those grammar and spelling errors.

This time,… Continue reading

The two men had their backs to him. They sat on a log beside their fire, eating from a heavy haunch of meat taken from a goat still roasting over the flame. They couldn’t feel his eyes on them.

Didn’t know his hate for them was growing with every difficult breath.

Didn’t know how painfully he could kill them.

Didn’t know much about him at all, really.

Still. They’d known enough to gag him before chaining him to the tree.

Beat the shit out of him first, too. But now he was awake, his mind scheming. Searching desperately for a… Continue reading

I thought I’d share with you today a few thoughts on the upcoming book Nysta #4: Blade of the Vampire King.

First, I’d like to tell you it’s not a vampire book like you’d expect. There’s no sparkling vampires, and no emo ones either. And it’s not technically about vampires, either.

What it IS about, is history. Essentially, the history of the gods. Who came first, who did what, and when. It’s a backgrounder to set you on the path for Nysta’s future. And to give the gods some sort of perspective.

Now, I naturally won’t go too much into… Continue reading

Good news, everybody! Creepy and Hatboy: Save the World has just been released on paperback through Amazon. This is actually really good news because the cover is amazing. Thanks to the very talented Matthew Revert of LegumeMan Books, this cover has made me very happy. It’s an amazing piece of work, and I’m hoping he’ll do the sequel for me next year.

Also, hot on its heels, Nysta #3: When Goblins Rage is only a few days behind. It’s already been released on CreateSpace, and is just waiting to filter through to Amazon.

While I don’t sell as many in… Continue reading

Excellent book. Darker and more complex than the previous two installments. This series keeps getting better and better, which considering how good the previous two books are is really saying something.

That’s the first review of Nysta #3: When Goblins Rage, as posted on Amazon by G. Orton, who must be an awesome person with fine taste.

And I’m pleased to report sales of the third book in Nysta’s long adventure have begun swimmingly. I’m really very chuffed by the reception. I don’t feel you can tell how good your books are from the first book. So many people will… Continue reading

I had a lot of positive feedback from my first two covers. Special mentions to Kat Goodwin’s blog and her subsequent posts on SFFWorld.Com. The cover for Duel at Grimwood Creek still blows me away. I’d love a massive poster of that just for myself. But I’m now receiving a huge amount of compliments for the cover of When Goblins Rage. And with good reason. I mean, it’s beautiful!

So I thought I’d tell you a bit about the covers and the artist involved.

When I was looking for an artist for my covers, I had a look at a… Continue reading

Well, here it is! Finally released on ebook for Kindle on Amazon, Nysta #3: When Goblins Rage!

She’s back, and still reeling from her last confrontation, the elf called Nysta finds herself hip-deep in blood from the first chapter. With goblins wanting her dead, Grey Jackets wanting her dead, and a mercenary who’d like to test his skills against hers and thus see her dead, Nysta’s only trouble seems not to survive, but to figure who’ll try killing her first.

The fun part of writing this book was to write one which showed her dealing with her grief while simultaneously… Continue reading

I’ve been busy this past few weeks getting ready to move house. But that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten Nysta #3!

The third book is quickly nearing completion, and I’m in the editing phase. Just been adding little bits now, and correcting grammar/spelling/continuity. It’s a tough slog, but we’re getting there.

As a side note, I’m thinking of having a map done up this time. Hoping to get a pretty one for the website, and one for the book. I just need to move house so I can get notes/drafts done to send to the nice map person who will be… Continue reading