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Good concept, for how often do you find such a violent and bad assed elf in a fantasy story. Most elves are shrouded in mystery and are enigmas. Not Nysta.

— Hippy_Lettuce

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Good news, everyone! I’ve finished the final draft. That is, I’m happy with it. All we need now is some extensive editing and we’re done.

I love the opening chapters of this book. I love them very much. The ending, too. I love it. I wanted to give you an ending you don’t quite expect. And one which will lead nicely into both Nysta #4: Blade of the Vampire King and also Nysta #5: The Wall of Darkest Shadow, because that’s where this book fits. Smack-bang between the two.

With this book, I am exploring the magical system of my… Continue reading

I’ve been very happy with Nysta this year. Sales have been steady, and the feedback has been great. For something which I thought would never sustain itself, it’s doing pretty well. And I put it down to her character. That grumpy, hate-fuelled, snarling anti-hero which is unlike a lot of heroes. She’s not regretting a thing, and neither am I.

So, where am I going with it?

Well, as soon as I’m done with Hemlock and Melganaderna: Trail of the Necromancer, I’ll start work on the fifth Nysta novel. This one’s set on the Wall, and it is pretty much… Continue reading

It’s been a long time since I posted a blog post. Essentially because of two things. Uncertainty at my place of regular work means there’s a distinct possibility I’ll be losing my job as we’re all retrenched following a buy-out by a larger company whose cost-cutting technique generally involves the wholesale removal of staff.

But mostly because I’ve been trying to concentrate on actually completing the novel. And editing it. I’m pretty close now to reaching the end of what’s been another awesome journey in writing. Melganaderna and Hemlock were a little challenging for me because I was trying to… Continue reading

The trouble with writing a tough homicidal female assassin is you often get accused of either gratuitous girl-ism or being unrealistic. Despite the fact that women serve in all manner of frontline positions in modern militaries all over the world, it’s taken as a “given” by a lot of readers that female fighters are just not tough enough to dish it out in a fight. Best to make female assassins into archers, where their toughness can be defined instead by their skills at being far from the frontline. For me, that’s not tough. That’s just a little too sensible.

Women’s… Continue reading

So. Here it is at last! The cover to Nysta #4: Blade of the Vampire King. And isn’t it a beauty?

Amir Zand has outdone himself and presented me with something I am almost too ashamed to put on the cover because I am unsure of the writing will live up to the promise made by this awesome cover.

In this image, you can see Nysta poised on the edge of a tunnel overlooking Urak’s Keep in the background.

I am so chuffed with this image.

So, I hear you ask: When is it going to be released?

This month.… Continue reading

I haven’t managed to update this site for the past few weeks, but I’ve had good reason. Basically, I’ve been editing my ears out on Nysta #4: Blade of the Vampire King in preparation of an August release. I’m determined to have it ready for August because August is a lucky month for me. Why is it lucky? Well, firstly Guardians of the Galaxy is out. Like a lot of people, I have waited hard for that film.

Also, Kameron Hurley’s new book, The Mirror Empire is being released. I’m a huge fan of Kameron Hurley’s books. I accidentally found… Continue reading

I’m loving this series, with good characters and great storyline. And little jokes here and there for the readers amusement. Definitely well worth the price. Eager for the next one.

And that’s what I woke up to today. A lovely bit of ego-boost I was in deep need of. It’s amazing how fragile an artist’s ego can be and equally amazing how just a little random few sentences from a complete stranger can perk you up.

So, now that I’m perked, how are things going?

They’re going well. I’ve sighted and approved a cover (which needs a few more tweaks… Continue reading

As you might know, I’ve been busy building maps as well as Book #4. And I’m happy to start showing off previews of the new maps I’m preparing for the release of Nysta #4: Blade of the Vampire King.


At this stage, I’ve designed the relative shape of the central continent as well as a few surrounding areas which will be of importance in coming books. At this stage, I’m fairly happy with the fonts and the colouring. I now need to do the geological features and then the main cities. After that, the smaller towns and coastal settlements.… Continue reading

I arranged some holidays so I could write Nysta #4: Blade of the Vampire King. Two weeks later, and I feel I haven’t progressed as far as I would have liked. I’m currently sitting on my ninth rewrite. Why so many rewrites?

Because I’m picky?


I tend to rewrite every time I feel the book isn’t proceeding how I would like. Or, once I’ve finished, I rewrite to add scenes which needed to be added to make the final scenes a little more logical. Failing that, it’s a great way to catch those grammar and spelling errors.

This time,… Continue reading

The two men had their backs to him. They sat on a log beside their fire, eating from a heavy haunch of meat taken from a goat still roasting over the flame. They couldn’t feel his eyes on them.

Didn’t know his hate for them was growing with every difficult breath.

Didn’t know how painfully he could kill them.

Didn’t know much about him at all, really.

Still. They’d known enough to gag him before chaining him to the tree.

Beat the shit out of him first, too. But now he was awake, his mind scheming. Searching desperately for a… Continue reading

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