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This isn’t a teen novel, a bored housewife romance, or a tomb filled to the brim with $10 words showing the reader just how long the author spent in a thesaurus

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Creepy and Hatboy


creepy and hatboy

Creepy and Hatboy #1: The Horror of Drackenstein has been released. Finally. It’s been out and about for almost a week now, and I’ve been cheerfully enjoying its reception. While no reviews have surfaced, there’s been an encouraging number of purchases through Amazon.

I released the book on April Fool’s Day. It seemed appropriate. I’m sure my good friend, Andrew Hindle, would agree.

In celebration of the awesome legacy Creepy and Hatboy had upon my writing career, I have decided to make it a free download for this weekend. I’m generous like that.

So, if you want a free book… Continue reading

Creepy and Hatboy: the Horror of Drackenstein now has an official release date. A release date which is, I might have, totally appropriate to the contents of this quirky and somewhat surreal novel.

April 1st.

The Fool’s Day.

How could I not?

The Creepy and Hatboy stories were the first books I wrote which I was proud of. I submitted them to many publishers in hope of becoming famous with them. Pan Macmillan told me I was too funny for them to publish and that I should be sending the book overseas to England. Penguin said I was also not… Continue reading

So it’s on the way, but it might not be the one you’re expecting…

I have finally been delivered first look at the cover of my January book, designed by the very talented and exceptionally awesome Matthew Revert who has designed the best covers ever and who is responsible for this piece of bizarro and internet history.

But it’s not a Nysta book, I’m afraid. That one is still going through the drafting process. No, this one is instead a humorous novel, Creepy and Hatboy: The Horror of Drackenstein.

Creepy and Hatboy were created during my university years. They were… Continue reading

Wow. 2012 has been a good year to me.

In May, I released Revenge of the Elf, the first Nysta book. I released it without much fuss or marketing. I expected it to go nowhere. But in the first few weeks, it surprised me. Surprised me because it seemed people were reading it. And it wasn’t so much the reading part that surprised me. It was the liking part, because they were liking it, even if it wasn’t voted one of the Best Heroic Fantasy Books of 2012. Which it should have. It at least should have been recognised as… Continue reading