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I highly recommend this book to anyone who isn’t easily offended and enjoys fantasy. No mamby pamby tree hugging nature loving zen elves in this book thank you very much so throw away your stereotypes before you start reading. — Brian Swanson, Amazon


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Creepy and Hatboy



“Probably the most violent fantasy novel ever written this century … Full of bad puns and pop-culture references, the Nysta series is guaranteed to be more violent than your average fantasy novel … If Quentin Tarantino walked into a bar and found himself being molested by Sergio Leone while trying to convince a few D&D nerds to help him write a remake of Deathstalker, he’d probably find himself stuck with a script which looked a whole lot like these books. I’m not sure if that’s a bad thing or not.” – LateralBooks.com

“I loved this book. It reminds me of a modern take on the Robert Howard Conan books I read as a kid, only way funnier. ” – G. Orton, Amazon.Com

“A well-paced and easy to read story with plenty of violence but also plenty of sharp dialogue. The character of Nysta makes a nice change from the usual fantasy females.” – flexanimous, Amazon.Com

It could’ve been a decent story but for fantasy I expect the writing and dialogue to be different than like I am reading an R rated western. Dropping f* bombs 2-3x/page definitely brought down the enjoyment of reading this. – Wbmike, Amazon.com

I didn’t try to get any celebs to read my book. Using Paintshop Pro is much easier…

My guess is he found it too violent…

Is there a Samuel L. Jackson “Motherfucker” that isn’t funny?

RIP, Ray.

Jokes so bad they’ll give you a migraine…

It has a nice ring to it…

And the Doctor would know.

The Dali Lama laughs at death…

Tsk tsk. Models.

Young authors do it best.

He was a regular guy…

Adding gratuitous romance into the Hobbit movie = a crime…

If you can’t read it withyour eyes, use your tongue. It works for Letterman. And, for the record, it tastes like bacon.

The Dark Knight rises to the challenge of finding a new sidekick. But somehow I don’t think Nysta would appreciate his inability to wear his underpants on the inside…

Been seeing this around a lot lately:

Here’s my (tasteless) response: