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Its dark, funny, graphic and full of action everything you could want from a fantasy. A must read for anyone with a dark sense of humor. One of those books that once I started I could not put it down until I was done. Heck anyone that can use the old “arrow to the knee” joke and make it funny is worth the money.

— Louis

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Hemlock and Melganaderna

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Creepy and Hatboy


“Probably the most violent fantasy novel ever written this century … Full of bad puns and pop-culture references, the Nysta series is guaranteed to be more violent than your average fantasy novel … If Quentin Tarantino walked into a bar and found himself being molested by Sergio Leone while trying to convince a few D&D nerds to help him write a remake of Deathstalker, he’d probably find himself stuck with a script which looked a whole lot like these books. I’m not sure if that’s a bad thing or not.” – LateralBooks.com

“I loved this book. It reminds me of a modern take on the Robert Howard Conan books I read as a kid, only way funnier. ” – G. Orton, Amazon.Com

“A well-paced and easy to read story with plenty of violence but also plenty of sharp dialogue. The character of Nysta makes a nice change from the usual fantasy females.” – flexanimous, Amazon.Com

It could’ve been a decent story but for fantasy I expect the writing and dialogue to be different than like I am reading an R rated western. Dropping f* bombs 2-3x/page definitely brought down the enjoyment of reading this. – Wbmike, Amazon.com

I didn’t try to get any celebs to read my book. Using Paintshop Pro is much easier…

My guess is he found it too violent…

Is there a Samuel L. Jackson “Motherfucker” that isn’t funny?

RIP, Ray.

Jokes so bad they’ll give you a migraine…

It has a nice ring to it…

And the Doctor would know.

The Dali Lama laughs at death…

Tsk tsk. Models.

Young authors do it best.

He was a regular guy…

Adding gratuitous romance into the Hobbit movie = a crime…

If you can’t read it withyour eyes, use your tongue. It works for Letterman. And, for the record, it tastes like bacon.

The Dark Knight rises to the challenge of finding a new sidekick. But somehow I don’t think Nysta would appreciate his inability to wear his underpants on the inside…

Been seeing this around a lot lately:

Here’s my (tasteless) response: